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Estrogen Dominance Treatment in Clarkston, MI

Estrogen Dominance Treatment in Clarkston, MI

As doctors learn more about hormones, it becomes clear that hormonal imbalance is caused by more than an overabundance or deficiency of any one hormone. Rather, your body's endocrine system is a delicate balance of multiple hormones.

This is the case with estrogen (oestrogen) dominance syndrome, a condition that's caused by overproduction of estrogen (oestrogen) coupled with underproduction of progesterone. If you're suffering from estrogen dominance, please call (248) 243-4348 or contact The Rao Center for Personalized Medicine online.

What is Estrogen (Oestrogen) Dominance?

Estrogen plays a key role in a woman's system, regulating everything from menstruation to menopause to overall wellness. The functions of estrogen (oestrogen) are balanced by progesterone, a steroidal hormone produced in the ovaries.

With an excess of estrogen (oestrogen) and a deficiency of progesterone, a condition called estrogen dominance is created. Imbalanced estrogen levels can cause a variety of serious health issues.

Some estrogen dominance symptoms include:

In addition to these trouble symptoms, estrogen dominance can also cause a number debilitating conditions, including:

What Causes Estrogen Dominance?

Estrogen dominance can be caused or contributed to by a number of factors. Chiefly aging; as your estrogen (oestrogen) levels fluctuate due to age you may experience a deficiency of progesterone.

Other possible estrogen dominance causes include:

These are just some of the many factors that may contribute to hormonal imbalance. Through pills, patches, creams or injected pellets, your doctor will replenish your body's stores of progesterone. This will return you to hormonal equilibrium and alleviate your estrogen dominance symptoms.

Where do I Start?

If you're interested in learning more about estrogen (oestrogen) dominance and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, please call (248) 243-4348 or contact The Rao Center for Personalized Medicine online.

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