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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for Depression

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Depression

HRT Specialist near North Hampton, NH

Occasionally feeling upset is a natural part of life, but most of the time we're able to snap out of it on our own or with the help of someone who's close to us. When the feeling of unhappiness becomes severe, (lasting for days, weeks, or even months), it can affect everything that's important to you, including your health.

Excessive negative thoughts and feelings is a chronic medical condition otherwise known as major depression, major depressive disorder, or clinical depression.

Imbalanced hormones may be responsible for your depression. If you're struggling and are looking for a hormone balancing specialist, please call (207) 536-9661 or contact Vibrant Health Naturopathic Medical Center online.

Symptoms of Depression

Often times when you or someone you know is suffering from depression, the only way to get through it is with the help of a medical professional. Additionally, if the condition isn't addressed it can progressively get worse. That's why it's important to familiarize yourself with the signs of depression. Some of the most evident symptoms include:

  • Debilitating sadness
  • Frustration
  • Irritability
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Becoming increasingly isolated
  • Diminished libido
  • Extremes in sleep habits such as excessive sleeping or insomnia
  • Severe appetite changes that lead to either significant weight loss or weight gain
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Loss of energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Suicidal thoughts

Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Depression?

Your mental health and happiness are greatly influenced by your body's hormone levels. Hormonal imbalance, whether it's of melatonin, cortisol or DHEA can lead to depression. Commonly referred to as chemical imbalance or chemical depression, this variety can be debilitating.

Your doctor will likely review a combination of both physical and social factors before proceeding with treatment. Some of the physical causes of depression include:

  • Physical changes in the brain
  • Neurotransmitter imbalances . Neurotransmitters are the chemicals in your brain that help control everything from body functions to your mood
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Prescription drugs such as blood pressure medications or sleeping pills
  • Hypothyroidism

Some of the social factors that contribute to depression are:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Excessive pessimism
  • Not having enough close friends to share your thoughts and feelings with
  • Having family members or friends with depression
  • Traumatic events in your life such as financial hardships, relationship problems, or the death of a loved one
  • Trauma that occurs during childhood including the death of a loved one or some form of abuse whether it's physical, sexual, or emotional
  • Alcohol, nicotine, or drug abuse

How Can Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Treat Depression?

Depression can be treated effectively with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy , also known as BHRT. Conventional HRT uses synthetic versions of hormones that are similar, but not exactly the same, as those your body produces naturally.

BHRT provides hormones such as melatonin, cortisol and DHEA that are chemically identical to those that occur naturally in your system.

Some other common forms of depression treatment are:

  • Psychological evaluations
  • Antidepressant medication
  • Psychotherapy / talk therapy
  • Support groups

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No one should have to live with the crippling sadness and frustration of depression. Imbalanced hormones may be responsible for your depression. If you're struggling, please call (207) 536-9661 or contact Vibrant Health Naturopathic Medical Center online.

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