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BioTE® Hormone Pellet Therapy for Women in Plano, TX

BioTe® Pellet Therapy for Women in Plano, TX

Menopause, or the cessation of the menstrual cycle, causes suffering for many women. The side-effects and symptoms of menopause can be debilitating and even life-changing. Thanks to breakthroughs in medical science, doctors now understand the correlation between menopause and hormones.

As a woman ages, her body struggles with producing hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Hormones fall to unhealthy levels creating a hormone imbalance in the body. For more information about women's health and hormones, please call (214) 577-1777 or contact Medical Aesthetics of North Dallas online.

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Women

Menopause, along with imbalanced estrogen and progesterone levels, causes a number of difficult symptoms:

  • Hot flashes
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Low libido
  • Muscle loss
  • Memory loss
  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Loss of bone density
  • Low stamina
  • Low immunity
  • Lack of skin elasticity
  • Joint pain
  • Vaginal dryness

In the past, struggling with menopause was written off as something that simply “had” to be dealt with. As doctors and medical professionals learn more about hormones, they gain a greater understanding of the role estrogen, progesterone, and even testosterone play in menopause and aging.

This understanding of the relationship between women's physiology, aging and hormones has led to the development of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT. For BHRT, there is no better delivery method than BioTE® Hormone Pellet Therapy.

Pellet Therapy and Hormonal Balance

Bio-identical hormone pellet therapy for women (BHRT) uses estrogen, progesterone and testosterone that are derived from natural plant sources. The goal of BHRT is to correct low hormone levels and restore the critical hormone balance in your system. By doing this, BHRT can help eliminate or mitigate symptoms associated with aging, menopause, estrogen dominance, and other hormonal imbalances.

In the past, bio-identical hormones have been delivered with pills, creams and patches. These methods left much to be desired. They often create what is called a “roller coaster” effect, due to their irregular dosing. Women treated with these methods would experience a surge of too many hormones, but have too few when they needed them most.

The BioTE® process corrects this by using subcutaneous (under the skin) injected hormone pellets. These pellets contain natural estrogen, progesterone and other hormones to provide a bounty of benefits to your health.

Benefits of BioTE® Hormone Pellet Therapy

BioTE® Pellet Therapy in Plano, TX

All women suffering from hormone imbalance can benefit from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. BHRT can help women feel young again. In addition to restoring sex drive, increasing energy levels and helping with weight loss, pellet therapy has even been shown to reduce the likelihood of diabetes (type 2), heart disease, osteoporosis and more.

BioTE® hormone pellet therapy for women is:

  • Easy: Unlike with pills, tablets or patches, pellet therapy leaves no room for user error. Everything is handled with a simple injection, in essence you can get pelleted and forget any additional worry.
  • Natural: The hormones used in pellet therapy are derived from natural plant sources and are chemically-identical to the hormones your body produces naturally.
  • Effective: The effects of pelleting are proven to help women with menopause and age-related issues.
  • Lasting: A single pellet injection lasts for months, compared to the short duration of other delivery methods. With BioTE® hormone pellet therapy, natural hormones are present 24 hours a day, providing constant balance and benefits.
  • Consistent: Unlike the "roller coaster" effect from other hormone delivery methods, the BioTE hormone pellet therapy process gives you consistent hormone levels throughout the day that raise and lower themselves naturally.

Experience a Better You

Whether you're fighting off menopause or trying to reignite your sex life, BioTE® hormone pellet therapy for women may be the answer. If you're interested in the long-lasting, effective bio-identical hormone replacement, please call (214) 577-1777 or contact Medical Aesthetics of North Dallas online.

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