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Telomere Testing & Treatment in Noblesville, IN

Telomere Testing in Noblesville, IN

What are Telomeres?

Telomeres are tiny segments of your DNA at the end of a chromosome that protect the end of the chromosome from deterioration. Each time a cell divides, its telomeres get shorter. In most cells, telomeres shorten over time to the point where cell division is no longer possible. Aging is thought to be at least partly due to cells reaching their limit for division, then dying. However, some cells are capable of ongoing division because they contain telomerase - an enzyme that lengthens telomeres.

The cells that make up our bodies are constantly dividing and replicating in order to keep our bodies running with new, healthy functioning cells. Cell division is a crucial part of making blood, bones and skin. When cells don't properly divide, the abnormal cells may cause cancer or other medical conditions. The job of copying cells and cell division falls to enzymes called polymerases.

Telomere Testing

A telomere test is a simple blood screening to help you and your doctor understand how your body is aging. This information can be vital in anticipating and treating conditions that arise as we get older.

Telomere tests work much in the same way as a cholesterol test. A cholesterol test can alert you to your risk for a heart attack, but instead of a single function, telomere tests can potentially predict numerous conditions. When testing your white blood cells for instance, a doctor can identify your likeliness for developing age-related diseases such as:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer's

Telomere Lengthening

A telomere blood test is usually accompanied with a questionnaire about your lifestyle habits. Your answers to these questions will not only help your doctors determine your biological age more accurately, it will assist them in developing your unique treatment plan.

There is currently no medication that will physically extend the length of your telomeres, nor is there a drug that will slow their decline. The only solution is to improve your health through a combination of healthy living and better nutrition.

An experienced doctor can recommend fitness plans that reduce your stress and lower your weight, while suggesting supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids that can help slow the aging process.

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